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Security Bond

A bond call occurs when Ministry of Manpower (MOM) sends a bond call demand to the insurance company on the basis that the insured has breached the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act and the Employment of Foreign Manpower Regulations (Work Passes)

You are liable to the bond call if any one of the following conditions are met:

You or your worker violates any of the conditions of the Work Permit or security bond

You don’t pay your worker’s salary on time

You fail to send your worker home when the Work Permit is expired, revoked or cancelled

Your worker goes missing

You are NOT liable to the bond call if any one of the following conditions are met:

Informed them of the Work Permit conditions they must comply with

Report a violation when you first become aware of it

Upon our contact, it is important for you to notify us of the reason for the bond call and whether you agree with the statement made by MOM. Insurers are required to make payment to the MOM before the deadline and therefore any appeal from the insured should be sent in before the stipulated deadline. If the appeal is in progress, the insured should provide concrete evidence to us to request the insurer to hold the payment.

There are two outcomes to the appeal:

  • The appeal is successful, the insurer does not have to make any payment and the matter is considered closed
  • cross The appeal is unsuccessful, the insurer will have to make payment and will seek recovery from the insured accordingly

Please note that there is no typical processing time for foreign worker bond calls.

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