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Property & Casualty

At the moment of an accident, do contact us IMMEDIATELY. You will be required to assist with the process and let us have the following information:

Please ensure you have the following information:

  • Injuries/ Death please contact the Police
  • Photographs
  • Time/ Date of Loss
  • Description of Accident
  • Extent of Damages and Estimated Loss Amount
  • Contact person and details on-site
  • Completed Claim form

A surveyor may or may not be appointed depending on the seriousness of the accident. For cases where the surveyor is needed, the surveyor will decide on the full list of documents to be submitted and the process may be a bit longer due to the thorough investigation required.

For cases where the surveyor is not involved, the insurer will then decide on the list of documents to be submitted. You are likely required to present three quotations for the insurer’s consideration of the repair work (if there are repair works to be done).

The typical processing time of a property & casualty claim may take six to ten weeks depending on the complexity of the case. The assessment by the insurer will only commence upon full recipetent of claims documents.

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